71% of the Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs (Scandura, 2006).

In a 2001 survey, women respondents identified the lack of a mentor (69%) as a greater barrier to career advancement than personal and family commitments (Catalyst, 2001).

By providing an authoritative mentoring role,  Barrington Training can have a significant role in up- skilling an organisation’s management. The Barrington Mentoring Service is a proactive program in which we provide enhanced skills to managers and supervisors who can then utilise these strategies in managing their own staff.

Barrington Centre can tailor a Mentoring Program to an organisation’s needs. The three available Programs are:

  1. Utilise Barrington Psychologists as mentors
  2. Train an organisation’s internal mentors
  3. Source unique mentors specific to an organisation

The Barrington Mentoring Program will enable organisations to:

  1. Develop the human assets within an organisation
  2. Transfer important knowledge from one set of employees to another
  3. Retain valued employees
  4. Develop new ways of thinking and acting, allowing employees to stretch their capabilities
  5. Allow for the demonstration and modelling of behaviours, attitudes and values that lead to success in the organisation.