While the benefits of Executive Coaching have been widely acknowledged, there has been very little recognition of the need for Executive Counselling Services. Many of today’s Senior Executives experience consistently high levels of stress, and often this stress is accepted as simply a part of the role.

In many cases, however, the toll of this stress is cumulative and damaging to the individual’s health and relationships. Similarly, Senior Executives often feel isolated in their roles, unable to confide in their peers and unsure how to access the appropriate services.

A recent study discovered, almost accidentally, that coping with stress was the greatest challenge most Executives faced. Though Executives were aware of the impact this stress had on both their work performance and their personal relationships, very few could identify strategies or programs available to them.

Unlike an Employee Assistance Program, which many Executives feel uncomfortable accessing, Barrington Centre now offers a confidential counselling and support service tailored specifically to the needs of C-Suite Senior Executives. This service is designed to offer Senior Executives the psychological support they need to cope with the demands of their role in a corporate environment. Our service is both consistent with the Senior Executive’s lifestyle and sensitive to the highly confidential nature of their work.

Barrington works with Senior Executives to:

  1. help them manage personal issues more effectively
  2. prevent this stress from affecting other areas of their life, including their work performance
  3. develop strategies to avoid burnout so that they may sustain their careers over the long-term
  4. equip the Senior Executive with strategies for managing the day to day pressures of their role in the organisation
  5. become more effective both personally and professionally

The outcomes of Executive Counselling are two-fold, impacting on both the individual’s performance within their role, as well as the organisation as a whole.

Outcomes for the Executive

  1. More effective management of stress
  2. Improve capacity to perform in their role
  3. Greater psychological and emotional resilience
  4. Better work/life balance
  5. Improve relationships at home and work

Outcomes for the Organisation

  1. Retention of high performing talent
  2. Better client relationships
  3. Improve organisational strength
  4. Improve leadership and culture
  5. Greater commitment to the organisation by Senior Executives