The crucible of leadership contains a concoction of complexity, constraint, exposure and expectation. Navigating this as a new leader has never been more important, or more challenging. How do we supercharge the capability, influence & impact of our up-and-coming leaders? 

Barrington Centre introduces the Peer Advisory League (PAL) , a coordinated and structured mentoring program connecting emerging leaders with the best minds in leadership.

Please view the Program Outline (PDF download) and the FAQs section below for more information about the program and how it is run.

Program Detail
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Emerging Leaders are often faced with navigating the delicate balance of complexity, constraint, exposure, and expectation. In these uncertain times, where circumstances demand new ways of thinking, deciding, and acting, the need to cultivate and grow good Leaders with the skills for collaboration, diverse thinking, and innovation are more important than ever.  

Through the Peer Advisory League (PAL) program, Barrington Centre aims to deliver the leadership support needed to supercharge your capability through a multi-disciplinary mentoring approach that will help you to strategically position yourself to successfully lead through the challenges and complexity of 2021.

Unlike professional networking where you tend to move in industry-specific circles, PAL’s unique structure matches you to mentors from different industries and unrelated disciplines.  This approach presents 2 benefits:   

  1. The opportunity to connect with the greatest minds and leaders whose paths you would not ordinarily have opportunity to come across; and  
  1. The opportunity to observe, understand and interact differently. The peer advisory group structure enables greater collaboration and exchange of ideas through syndicates, consisting of other emerging Leaders. 

Mentoring is about building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Unlike coaching, the relationship between a mentor and a mentee is a two-way exchange; one can learn something from the other irrespective of whether they are