The Systems of Support Program is for the Hospitality Industry. SoS-Hospitality is a positive psychological health program that has been designed by Senior Psychologists together with experienced Hospitality Industry Professionals, to help reduce the negative psychological impacts associated with work, which may lead to anxiety, burnout, depression, people leaving the industry or suicide.

The effective outcomes of Systems of Support in a sample of  different industries (including hospitality professionals) have recently been validated through a rigorous critical review by the University of Queensland. You can view the research paper here (PDF).

The program breaks down the elements of psychological support to trauma into 5 steps:  

You start by completing two evidence-based and robust online psychological assessments. From this, we learn more about how you currently cope with stress and trauma, and how resilient and mentally healthy you are right now.

1:1 consultation with a Senior Psychologist will provide you with an understanding of where your strengths are, and what areas need to be worked on during your program.

Work through three online learning modules, which incorporate topics relevant to your specific industry, addressing YOU, YOUR MIND, and YOUR WORK.

Being connected with other like-minded people, is a powerful psychological tool to reduce sense of isolation. Join us for a 1 hour Live Discussion Session with a small group of SoS-Hospitality participants, facilitated by a Senior Psychologist to share ideas and experiences, and have the opportunity to talk about any challenges you have, whilst we explore some of the hot topics of the Industry.

At the completion of the program, you will repeat the same baseline assessments to see the positive change in areas of resilience and your coping skills.
A written summary for you shows your comparative results from baseline to post intervention.

Program Overview

The SoS-Hospitality program is completely self-paced, with a one-hour group virtual Live Discussion Session; dates scheduled periodically throughout the year.
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