Get in the MOOD!

M = Movement (physical)

O = Overview (Plan & focus)

O = Organise (Set up your day)

D = Deliver (goals/wins to achieve)

MOOD is a 30 minute, start-of-the morning virtual session to keep you balanced, productive, and focused. MOOD helps individuals to establish positive habits that improve focus, mental wellbeing, and connection.

Start your day feeling energised, motivated, and ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

Each MOOD session involves:

1. Establishing a MOOD structure to your day

2. Brief talk by one participant & their story for positive change during COVID-19

3. Tips to help make the day work better for you

4. Some fun and laughter to start the day!

5. Connection with at least one other Participant post-session to help with follow through on your commitment to yourself and the plan

Virtual sessions are held at 9am Tuesdays  and is open to anyone in Australia. You will need an internet connection and a personal device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) to access the sessions.

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