Barrington Centre was established by Psychologist Rhonda Andrews in 1995, and is a specialist psychological firm working with individuals, teams, and organisations in addressing issues in complex, rapidly changing, and compounding environments.

Barrington Centre is highly ethical in its business practices and we believe in what we deliver. Our approach to the management of issues is always practical, evidence-based, and extremely flexible. We are committed to timely, open and comprehensive communication with all key stakeholders in the business. Our focus is on measurable outcomes achieved in a short time frame.

The Barrington Centre team is approachable, friendly and understanding of your needs. We will work with you as an effective, empathic and supportive partner in achieving the desired outcomes of your organisation.

Working across a broad range of sectors covering families and individuals, corporates, and government and non-government organisations, our services span Counselling, Critical Incidents, Leadership, Training, and Assessment.