Family Makeover is delivered by Barrington Centre’s team of Senior Psychologists to provide assistance to families facing mental and psychological stress as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Our aim is to provide families with bespoke strategies and solutions that directly target your family’s pressure points.

Family Makeover is conducted over a 5-Step video conferencing consultation, covering 3x 60 minute sessions spread across 3 weeks:

Step 1: We meet the parent/s and find out the top 2 ‘screaming points’
Step 2: We meet the child/ren and find out their ‘annoy buttons’
Step 3: We bring everyone together and work out the ‘rules’: what is non-negotiable? and what is up-for-grabs? We make a Family Contract
Step 4: Each family member proceeds with practical, targeted ‘homework’ before the next session
Step 5: We come back in a week’s time to fine tune the Family Contract. We aim to finalise all   services within 3 weeks of commencement

Family Makeover is subsidised for Medicare card holders with a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP). For those with an existing Mental Health Treatment Plan, our fee and rebate structure per 60 minute session are as follows:

  • Consultation Fee: $101.35 per family member
  • Rebate: $61.05 per family member
  • Gap fees (payable by client): $40.30 per family member