EAP is a Counselling service that is provided by Employers for their Employees. The specific Employer nominates the number of sessions each staff member (and in some EAPs, their family members), can have per calendar year. The EAP is a strictly confidential service.

Barrington Centre offers an innovative, client-responsive and proven service delivery model designed to maximise personal, operational and financial effectiveness for employees and the organisation.

Barrington Centre’s fully integrated Employee Assistance Program delivers Counselling, Crisis Management, and trauma management services that realise these outcomes:

  1. Address the issues, as well as build the capability and resilience of employees.
  2. Mitigate workplace stress, leading to improved job performance
  3. Improve relationships both at work and at home
  1. Approach and commitment that is aligned with the organisation’s vision, mission and values and reputational risk strategy.
  2. Retain and develop a high performing and engaged team
  3. Pragmatic and cost-effective solutions assisting employees to make a timely return to work.
  4. Improve employee morale and work culture.