When progressing from Primary School to Secondary School, children may experience social anxiety or social difficulties.

To alleviate the stress associated with this transition, Barrington Centre presents Heroes After School. This program targets children aged between 11 – 14 years old with the intent to enhance communication skills, minimise the impact of social anxiety, form friendships and learn techniques to combat social difficulties.

Heroes After School equips children with the Social Skills Superpowers to reduce the impact of social anxiety!

Program Overview

Program Outline
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Heroes After School will be delivered face-to-face across four fortnightly sessions, of a 90-minute duration. Children will be equipped with take-home materials and additional resources.

Prior to and at the conclusion of the program, a consultation will be conducted with parents/guardians. Additionally, the child will be required to complete two evidence-based questionnaires pre and post-intervention.

Session 1: Get to know each other

Session 2: Psychoeducation on Anxiety

Session 3: Mindfulness Techniques

Session 4: Managing Emotions

Heroes After School will help children to…

  1. Learn strategies to better manage their emotions
  2. Improve their self-esteem, reduce negative self-talk and minimise the impact of anxiety
  3. Enhance their communication skills and abilities to form friendships
  4. Feel supported to manage difficult social situations

$285 (GST inclusive) per participant/session,  $1140 for the full program. All participants are required to attend all 4 sessions of the program.

Rebates are available.