Systems of Support (SoS) is a research-backed, innovative program developed by Barrington Centre Senior Psychologists. The Trauma and Crisis research work that informs the program was developed as part of Barrington Centre’s work with Stanford University. 

The effective outcomes of Systems of Support have recently been validated through a rigorous critical evaluation by the University of Queensland. Researchers Dr Richard Robinson, Dr Nik Steffens, and Dr Kate Zhaunerchyk reviewed 772 participants from a sample of different industries, including  Health Care, Education, Hospitality, Legal, Emergency and Veterinary Sectors.

Their review of the program shows the following: 

  • The SoS program is a solid and robust program with demonstrated successful and measurable outcomes
  • The program has high validity and reliability across professions, gender, age and program delivery (face to face workshop or virtual on-line delivery) with no bias in outcomes
  • Participants who scored ‘high psychological risk’ in their initial baseline testing before the Program delivery had significant reduction in their ‘risk levels’ with the complementary 1:1 psychological support.

You can view the research paper in full below.

UQ x Barrington Centre Research Paper