Barrington Centre’s most comprehensive program within its Leadership Suite works with the entire leadership team to positively transform the way an organisation operates through transformative learning and approach to achieve individual growth and sustainable change.

ELP is a 4-month, whole-approach Leadership program that addresses 3 key areas simultaneously: Self, Technical Competence, and Others & Community.  It combines a structured, research-based program with 1:1 professional growth support that focuses on internal awareness, reflection, and application as measurable outcomes, thereby growing the individual and team capabilities within the Leadership Team to enable them to sustain work in complex, rapidly changing, and compounding environments.

The ELP adopts best-practice methodology to ensure pre-and-post measurement of Leadership growth.

Embodied Leadership Program

  • Go well beyond surface level leadership , understand blind spots, and improve leadership performance
  • Benchmark and remeasure leadership development, backed by real-world metrics
  • Recognise and address the impact of underlying mind-sets on performance
  • Combine reflection and real work experiences to enable honing of skills
  • Greater capability and capacity in skill acquisition, particularly around:
    1. Decision making
    2. Political and reputational intelligence
    3. Technical solutions
    4. Driving sustainable culture change
    5. Having conversations that matter
  • Grow emotional and technical skills to innovate for the future