Psychological assessment is three times more likely to provide an accurate reflection of a candidate’s suitability than their previous job experience, and four times more likely than their education. This same research discovered that Vocational Assessment was twice as accurate as the actual interview.

How do you determine that a candidate will perform as well on the job as they do during their interview, and how will they get along with their direct reports and others within the team?

At Barrington Centre, we are aware of the significant investment an organisation undertakes in hiring the right person. Each candidate has to be considered not only for the role, but also for the team and cultural fit of the organisation.

Barrington Centre’s Vocational Assessment successfully helps organisations by utilising a cost-efficient measurement tool that quickly identifies if your chosen candidate is the right one for:

  • The position you are wanting to fill
  • The plans you have regarding their future growth
  • Who they report to
  • The team dynamics and business culture

Step 1:  Once you have shortlisted your top one or two candidates, they undertake an online questionnaire that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete

Step 2:  Barrington Centre then provides you with a profile that compares the candidates with the position description, the team dynamics, and the fit with the manager

Stop 3:  A one-page summary of fit and challenges provided to you so you can make the decision to either hire or not

We offer a 24 hour turnaround from Step 1 to Step 3.
  1. Immediate identification of a candidate’s appropriate- ness to a role within a short timeframe
  2. Avoidance of costly outlays in hiring and training unsuitable candidates
  3. Benchmarking of candidates against measurable outcomes
  4. Assisting with management strategies to ensure successful job performance
$495 (incl GST) per candidate.