In a rapidly changing, competitive, and complex environments, it becomes easy for Boards to fall behind. It has been increasingly recognised that the governance and regulations of Boards impact less on their success than the collaboration and harmony of the Directors. To effectively fulfill their responsibilities to the organisation, Boards need to balance their role of monitoring performance and governance, with setting organisational strategy and long-term vision.

Many Boards now engage professional external consultants to assist them in performing more effectively. This has included observing the Board in action, facilitating strategic planning sessions, working with the dynamics within the Board and conducting Board Performance Reviews.

Barrington Centre is able to bring its specialised expertise in group dynamics and performance appraisal to assist organisations maximise the performance of its Board and Directors.

  • Achieve gender diversity on Boards
  • Analysis of the Board’s structure and composition
  • Define the makeup of its various committees
  • Identify the tenure and independence of individual Board members
  • Delineate he split between Board and management responsibilities
  • Identify he Board’s roles and responsibilities
  • Decide on the frequency and quality of information flows and presentations it receives
  • Frame the decision-making processes of the Board
  • Reports to shareholders and stakeholders
  • Improve and streamline board processes
  • Improve the understanding of governance expectations and ethical considerations
  • Refine the Board’s processes when assessing management reports and proposals
  • Provide objective assessment of the organisation’s culture
  • Provide the Board with the knowledge and tools needed to monitor the organisation’s financial performance and risk management
  • Improve the Board’s performance, strategy development and execution
  • Improve the communication and delineation of responsibilities between the Board and the Executive Team
  • Facilitate a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Reduce the risk of breach of Director’s responsibilities