The ECM® is a two-day immersive learning experience, outlining how the Commonwealth prepares for, responds to, and recovers from any crisis. The ECM® brings together scenario work, community speakers, leading subject matter experts, the Australian Government Crisis Management Framework (AGCMF), the National Coordination Mechanism (NCM) and Crisis Appreciation and Strategic Planning Guidelines (CASP), to explore the concurrent, consecutive and compounding complex crises, in a National Context.
When complex events occur requiring a Commonwealth response, there is little room for error. The effectiveness of consequence management rests on the ability of officials to coordinate and work collaboratively. There is a need to develop a cohort of policy makers who are not only experts in their technical field but are skilled in the complex interactions required for effective consequence management. Such a cadre of professionals would be a strategic asset for Australia.
This program is designed for Band 1’s, EL 1’s, EL 2’s and high performing APS 6’s.
“This is the future of Emergency Management in dealing with complex disasters and crises. A focus on Consequence Management, Leadership, Empowering Community and Participatory Democracy that engages industry and governments to reduce harm and maintain confidence across our society during crises. The Australian Government Crisis Management Framework is focused on all hazards where we have crises of national significance. As we deal with the complexity of consecutive, concurrent and compounding events, we need to have arrangements that work across society, share knowledge and understanding, organise ourselves in inclusive ways to inform our decisions that result in speed to action. We need to reframe the future and give confidence that our leaders at every level to ask the tough questions, engaging with risk, looking to the future and be willing to engage in the much needed challenging con