Take part in our national Return-to-Office Survey to help us understand how Australian workers respond to back-to-the-office policies

As part of the varied policies and responses to Return-to-Workplace initiatives, Barrington Centre is seeking to survey a cross-section of industries and workplaces to look at the unique approaches to working from the office post-2020.  

Our objective is to understand why people prefer to work where they do, what aspects of work-from-home and work-from-office appeal to people, and how back-to-the-office transitions have been conducted across sectors.

Our aim in publishing this survey is to provide an objective lens as to what motivates and empowers employees when it comes to transitioning back into the office.

Personal details (name, workplace etc.) are not collected. All responses are confidential and submitted directly to Barrington Centre. Barrington Centre may publish the information collected in terms of percentages and/or other units of measures on our website and other platforms such as LinkedIn.